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We are Elli & Myron from Agia Varvara, Iraklion - Crete. We have a long-lasting tradition in the production of agricultural products in Crete. We are specialized in premium extra virgin olive oil and olives production for many years. Our gold treasure is the authentic extra virgin olive oil Eliama Daily Value, which is recognized for its finest quality in Greece and worldwide.

Elli´s Farm brand consists of a grocery shop in Agia Varvara village, Eliama Daily Value, extra virgin olive oil and Elli´s Farm olive products and olive oil.
During the summer season we host olive oil tasting sessions in our premises in Agia Varvara, Heraklion. Our visitors became our friends and we are always pleased to welcome them and sharing with them our expertise in extra virgin olive oil.

Olive Cultivation process

A Gift from Nature


We cultivate our land in accordance with the right crop methods that exclude the use of chemical fertilizers or herbicides, etc. We at Ellis-Farm have understood that the only way to show gratitude to our land is to respect the ecological balance by letting the nature work with its own rules.


Harvesting occurs when the fruit is in the upper stage of bringing natural flavors and hygienic ingredients together (polyphenols, tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol, oleocanth, etc.).This happens in November, when the fruit is nearly unripe. When the fruit matures, it produces more olive oil but it has lost a great deal of the perfume and hygienic ingredients that we ask for.


The standardization is made in a special colored glass bottle which is the most suitable material for the packaging of olive oil and for the protection from light that alters the oil.

"For us olive oil was and is not just a high-value food, but the pathway of our life."

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