A beautiful and addictive taste was created!

Chocolate is the favorite sweetening of all of us. While the extra virgin olive oil is an integral part of the Mediterranean and
Cretan diet.

Chocolate and extra virgin olive oil is becoming a trend of the time as more and more researches are
taking place on this ultimate, nutritional combination that harmoniously matches the benefits of extra virgin olive oil and with the chocolate.

It is worth noting that high in the research criteria were monounsaturated fats and polyphenols and it was discovered
that they have positive effects in various areas of health, such as heart disease.

The tasty combination of chocolate with the polyphenolic extra virgin olive oil Eliama Daily Value Gold gives
a unique taste either in cold/hot beverages or in the dessert we served at our olive oil tasting experience.

Try this cold, choco beverage with Eliama Daily Value Gold made by Dimitris Tsiknis,
a dedicated coffee barista who creates unique
coffee combinations!

Or you can try our secret dessert
served in our olive oil tasting session!
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and taste our healthy treasure in multiple combinations.